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“A young and affluent couple become fatally entangled in their own wish-fulfilment world. “Set in Pakuranga, Auckland, the film explores the role of marriage: its realities, its fantasies, its humour and its tragedies.

“ANGEL MINE is Writer/Director David Blyth's first feature film.

“ANGEL MINE explores the ways in which consumerism and materialism govern lives in middle class suburbia and how this affects the dreams and fantasies of the film's young protagonists.

“Festival/Awards: Drifting Clouds Film Festival - NZ 2001.” - New Zealand Film Commission;; 29/01/2014.

Patricia Bartlett and her Society for Promotion of Community Standards campaigned against the Film Commission-funded film. The censor gave ANGEL MINE an R18 certificate with the unusual caveat, “Contains punk cult material”.

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Year 1978

Reference number F10291

Source Moving Image Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Feature

Duration 1:03:07

Production company ILA Productions

Viewing locations

- 2006.2352

Location information

Credits Director: David Blyth Producer: David Blyth Producer: Warren Sellers Associate Producer: Jennifer Jakich Associate Producer: Larry Parr Director of Photography: John Earnshaw Camera: John Earnshaw Writer: David Blyth Editor: Phillip Howe Music: Mark Nicholas Cast: Derek Ward , Jennifer Redford , Myra De Groot , Mike Wilson Funded By: New Zealand Film Commission Music Performed: Auckland Youth Orchestra Music Performed: Peter Kerin Music Performed: Suburban Reptiles Production Manager: Warren Sellers;

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