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Shirley Maddock presents a documentary about Kauri and its influence on the history and economy of the Northland and Coromandel areas.

Shirley Maddock sitting on a boulder in the bush narrates a brief history of British settlement in New Zealand and the use of Kauri timber. Drawings and photographs of early exploration, tree felling, bush settlements, the depletion of coastal Kauri, men felling Kauri, bullock teams and steam haulers transporting logs, men cooking, (including a cook with a bullock horn), washing and playing cribbage.

Photographer and pioneer bushman Tudor Collins talks about career as Kauri feller in the Coromandel after World War One. Narrates over stills of logs being transported to the sea by tidal rivers. Logs are rolled into the sea and towed to waiting scows.

Photograph of scows being built in the Mairangi Heads (Northland). On display at Davy [Darrochs] Yard in the 1890s, are the ships, the “Esme”, the ”Jane Gifford” and the “Scot”. “Jane Gifford” berthed at Kings Wharf in Auckland. Interview with Captain Ray Collins, Waitemata Harbour.

Stills of The Kauri Timber Company and river dams that were “tripped” to send floating logs to the sea. Kaipara, Kauri trees in forest. Waipoua Kauri Forest. The New Zealand Forest Service, nursery of Kauri trees.

Dawson Birch, Maori shingle splitter, discusses his unique trade. Whare built in. Davis Paniora , Kauri tree climber, (traditionally to gather gum) shows technique. Tudor Collins talks about his tree climbing experiences. Kawerua Beach (Hokianga). Kawerua Hotel was opened in 1875, now abandoned. stills of Kauri gum diggers. Tom Dorne, surviving gum digger from the turn of the century.

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Year 1966

Reference number F1454

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 0:29:30

Production company NZBC

Viewing locations Digital file available to view at medialibrary, Wellington

Taonga Māori Collection Yes

Credits Writer: Shirley Maddock
Producer: Shirley Maddock
Narrated: Shirley Maddock
Photography: Donald B Whyte
Photography: Alfred Harry Reynolds