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A detailed look at the site of the Manapouri power scheme.

'Brief outline of a great enterprise, The New Zealand Sounds Hydro-electric Concessions Limited'.
'Manapouri - Deep Cove Hydro-Electric Power Scheme aggregating 300,000 horse-power. The largest water-power proposition in the Southern Hemisphere'.
'On the South West coast of the South Island of New Zealand extending for 150 miles, are situated Fiords or Sounds of unrivalled beauty which, in the case of Doubtful Inlet, penetrate inland to a distance of up to 25 miles'.
'This sound provides a magnificent harbour surrounded by mountains averaging a mile high. The depth of water ranges from 200 ft. to 1500 ft. - approximating about twice the depth of the ocean outside Deep Cove area marked U'.
'Here on these high mountains the rainfall is from 150 to 250 inches per year. Great waterfalls drop thousands of feet sheer into the waters of the sound'.
'It is predicted that the water powers of this rugged country will produce more wealth per acre than the fertile lands of our best dairying districts'.
'From snow-line to waters edge dense Beech (Nothofagus) Forests clothe the mountain sides'.
'In December 1925 a party of 8 explorers led by Messrs J. Orchiston and A. Leigh Hunt (two members of the syndicate) journeyed to Deep Cove via Lake Manapouri'.
Pointer traces route across map.
'The party arrive at Manapouri'.
Iris out. W.S. car arriving at homestead. Iris in.
'The explorers study the map'.
Iris out. M.S. 2 men in coats & hats look at map. Iris in.
'View of Lake Manapouri from the eastern shore. Lake Manapouri is 50 square miles in area, 1400 ft. deep - 600 ft. above sea level - 800 ft. below sea level. Studded with 23 forest clad islets and surrounded by snowy mountains'.
Iris out pan across from homestead, mountains behind, to lake.
'The Waiau River - the overflow of Lake Manapouri'.
I.O. W.S. 2 boats on water, mountains at rear, people get on boat.
'The steam launch 'Manurere' at the Manapouri landing'.
I.O. pan across people getting on launch, people in dinghy. I.I.
'Crossing Lake Manapouri'.
I.O. L.S. Funnel of launch in foreground, visitors sitting round back.
View of lake and mountains.
'In West Arm - Lake Manapouri'.
View from boat of edge of lake, beech trees, to water's edge, snow covered peaks at rear.
View to back of boat.
'From West Arm the route lies through the forest and over Wilmot Pass 2,200 ft. to Deep Cove, a distance of about 10 miles'.
M.L.S. Party passes camera, some with rain capes.
'From the hut can be seen the Helena Falls 1/4 mile distant dropping 600 ft. down an almost sheer granite face'.
I.O. Waterfall E.L.S.
'Viewed close up the Helena Falls present a remarkable scene'.
C.U. Waterfall.
'Some 1 1/2 miles up the Lyvia River is a narrow gorge forming an exceptional site for a dam at a height of 500 ft. above sea level. Between this Gorge and the Cove, 1 1/2 miles distant, great cataracts roar in confined courses'.
View of gorge & river. C.U. Rapids.
W.S. Beech forest down to river rapids.
L.S. Rocks & rapids.
'The Lyvia River rises in a great basin surrounded by lofty mountains of which 'The Black Giants' form a striking feature'.
View of mountains & forest & river.
'Looking back from Deep Cove - a forest covered flat of some 300 acres in the foreground while in the distance (3 miles) is Wilmot Pass guarded by Mt. Wilmot (5,090 ft.) and Mt Barber'.
I.O. pan across men walking along river bed in middle ground.
'Deep Cove looking west. 300 to 400 ft. depth of water close in shore'.
I.O. W.S. man walks along edge of river mountains at rear. I.I.
'Helena Falls and the wind at play'.
I.O. W.S. Spray from falls, beech forest, man at river below.
'The Lyvia River close to the hut at Deep Cove presents a picture of rare beauty'.
Shot from boat moving along edge of cove, beech forest, passes hut, waterfall.
W.S. Boat approaches.
W.S. Boat midstream, people waving.
'On Deep Cove, Rolla Island in the distance'.
View from boat - lake, forest, mountains.
'Hall's Arm, a narrow waterway of exceeding beauty is hemmed in by towering cliffs rising almost perpendicularly from the waters edge to heights of from 2,000 ft. to 4,000 ft'.
Shot continued as boat goes along.
'Returning to Deep Cove from Halls' Arm. Wilmot Pass in distance'.
Shot continued.
'Smith's Sound going west'.
Shot continued.
'Launch in Lyvia River near Hut'.
L.S. men on launch, tying up.
'The Explorers had many boating trips on the calm waters of the Cove and incidentally secured some excellent cod fish'.
M.L.S. man in souwester holding string of fish.
L.S. man gets out of dinghy, others haul boat out.
'A rare sea bird 'Red Bill' (Haematopus Unicolour) Maori name Torea-Tango on and leaving nest containing three eggs.
L.S. Bird on nest.
'The NZ Government steamer 'Tutanekai' arrived at Deep Cove with the Governor General, Sir Charles Fergusson, Lady Alice Fergusson and party on board. The Explorers were photographed on deck with the Vice-Regal party who displayed great interest in their exploits. With the consent of their Excellencies 'Fergusson Island' and 'Lady Alice Falls' were put 'on the map''.
L.S. Party talking.
M.S. pan across Fergusson & party.
''Tutanekai' leaving the Cove'.
W.S. Large steamer, pan across water to falls.
'Explorers return after two hours of pleasant social intercourse'.
W.S. men in dinghy.
'Wilmot Pass in the mists'.
W.S. men in dinghy, foreground, hills behind.
'Deep Cove Flat and Helena Falls'.
Shot continues.
'This sketch shows the area lying between Wilmot Pass and Kellard Point about 11 miles in all. Note the large flat adjacent to deep water'.
'This spot is where the water tunnel from Manapouri will end. 550 ft. elevation, giving 250,000 Horse Power'.
'This is the Helena Falls - 830 ft. high'.
'Here is the Lyvia River Gorge - 590 ft. elevation'.
'The Huntleigh Falls - 2,700 ft. in height'.
'This is the Stella Burn - 2,300 ft. high'.
'Within 1/4 mile of the works site will be ample and safe wharfage accommodation for the deepest ocean-going steamers. Admiralty Chart shows 300 to 400 ft. depth'.
'Marble was found at Kellard Point Smith Sound (8 miles from Deep Cove) and on the Helena Cliffs, 600 ft. up, was discovered a seam (about 50 ft. thick) of high grade white marble analysing 95% to 99.2% which will provide the calcium carbonate for the manufacture of Nitrate of Lime'.
'Suitable site in Hall's Arm for munition factory'.
'Samples of Marble'.
C.U. Lumps of rock.
'Analyses of Marble'.
'Dominion Laboratory (Dept. of Internal Affairs, Wellington, 11 January 1926) Report on Specimen No. R47 (1-5) Forwarded by A. Leigh Hunt, Dominion Farmers Institute Wellington. Particulars - Marble. Samples numbered as received. The samples contained:- Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) per cent. No. 1 - 98.5, No. 2 - 98.0, No. 3 - 95 .0, No.4 - 99.0, No. 5 - 99.2 Signed J.A. Maclaurin, D.Sc. Dominion Analyst '.
'There will be established on Deep Cove Flat, Hydro-Electric works generating 300,000 horse power, producing electricity at the lowest unit cost in the world with which Nitrogen will be extracted from the air providing the most valuable fertiliser, Nitrate Of Lime, thus enabling many parts of the British Empire to largely increase their productivity'.

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