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A propaganda film promoting the use of machinery in farms and factories.

0 ft. Intertitles: “Mechanisation”.
5 ft. C.U. Hands operating tool for rolling cigarette.
10 ft. C.U. Hands working cow teats. A man seated behind 'dummy' cow demonstrating milking.
13 ft. Cows led into stalls.
17 ft. Milking machinery - suction caps, measuring meter, cooler.
28 ft. Man milking cow in field
(Commentary: “ I am two or three times the man, I was without a milking shed”).
34 ft. Loading milk cans on to truck.
39 ft. Soldier lying on ground shooting with rifle
(Commentary: “bombardier with [Bren] gun”).
51 ft. Soldier with machine gun.
56 ft. Bulldozer in action, train crossing bridge.
60 ft. Flow charts showing export of goods - NZ in relation to other countries e.g. India.
70 ft. Tractor in shed (Commentary: “10 men not doing it”).
74 ft. Submerged ship - mast showing.
77 ft. Man welding.
80 ft. Cutting wood with electric saw.
83 ft. Mechanical loom weaving carpet.
86 ft. Sewing machine in operation.
89 ft. Fertiliser dispersed from back of truck.
91 ft. Combine harvester.
'New Zealand National Film Unit Miramar'. (Commentary: “multiply our man power”).
96 ft. Ends.

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Year 1940

Reference number F5162

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre In-house

Duration 0:02:34