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A cross section of New Zealanders joined the crew of the anti-nuclear ship ‘Fri’ to sail from Whangarei to Mururoa Atoll on the 20th March 1973. Members of the crew are interviewed.

Clive and Yvonne Dazzler sold their house to buy the boat ‘Spirit of Peace’ for the protest. Farwelled by Auckland’s Mayoress at Easter, they had an international crew with them. Scenes of protests from around the world; the ‘Fri’ at Pitcairn Island; various people talking about the tests. On the 25th May 1973 ‘Fri’ passed inside the radius of the free zone and prepared for a rendezvous with the ‘Spirit of Peace’. Between the two they worked out their routine and tactics in preparation for their encounter with the French. Pacific Nations went out in protest against the tests but for the French Polynesians the situation was different: testing brought economic boom, full employment, hospitals, schools, port facilities, roads and airports, and an economy based on a military presence. Finally the ‘Fri’ was overtaken by the French and crew were taken to Mururoa Atoll, then to Hao Atoll.

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Year 1973

Reference number F5410

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Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Short

Duration 0:26:39

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Credits Producer: Alister Barry Additional Photography: James Boyack Additional Photography: Jean Guyaux Additional Photography: D Haillac Additional Photography: Richard Holthurst Additional Photography: Thelma Kennedy Additional Photography: Barbara Leadbeater Additional Photography: Sean Leslie Additional Photography: Alan Locke Additional Photography: Gil Scrine Additional Photography: Norman Zammitt Commentary Consultant: Robert Boyd-Bell Consultant Editor: David Tossman Production Assistant: Sylvia Harvey;