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Scenes of Napier; the town centre, housing, beaches, parks, Mardi Gras parades, Tangoio Park.

0 ft “Napier Films. HIS FIRST MOVIE. A Scenic Novelty”.
70 ft Sailboat passes in foreground, other boats pass.
94 ft Slide in playground crowded with children.
112 ft Boats, jetty. cars & houses at rear.
123 ft Shot of beach, boats, people from top of tree?
232ft Open air boxing ring, two boxers Hughie Dwyer & Ern Baxter, crowd seated, watching.
292 ft Children in paddling pool.
321 ft View of town from hill (Bluff).
323 ft Crowd line streets, trucks with displays go past. Church (burnt down in 1981) in background. Decorated vehicles.
442 ft Parade; people in costumes - fashions, dates held on poles by younger ones.
456 ft View of West Shore from Bluff Hill.
462 ft Kids on sea edge, sunset.
470 ft View from hill, panorama around seaside.
525 ft Waterfall (at Tangoio Park).
584 ft Pipeband comes along road past large stone monument.
600 ft More children at Swan memorial paddling pool, on foreshore.
632 ft Children crowded onto roundabout on beach.
670 ft Sandcastle - many children.
690 ft The End.

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Year 1922

Reference number F6553

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Short

Duration 0:07:40

Production company NAPIER FILMS

Credits Camera: Horace S Cottrell