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A British breakfast table. Inquisitive daughter’s intertitle: “Why do bees make honey daddy?”
Daddy: “I will now tell you the story of how honey is made .... In New
Zealand, with its plentiful sunshine and flowers, the Busy Bee makes millions of pounds of honey every year.”
Cut to a NZ apiary; wooden beehives in rows by farmhouse with trees in foreground and a mountain in the back. The beekeeper (face not veiled) lifts the top off a hive for the camera to take a close-up of bees. Intertitles explain the layout of the hive, bee propagation and the production of honey. A metal rod is pressed through the spout of a large tin of New Zealand Honey and the inspector smells the quality. Intertitle: “Transporting to the ships -- in 1928 New Zealand exported 2,626,065 lbs. of honey”. Hoisting boxes ashore from barge on the Thames, London A window-display in the New Zealand Government office in the Strand, London. Patients at the Lady Margaret Hospital in Kent are given jars of honey for its restorative properties by an Einstein-haired [doctor.]
Concludes with boy sampling honey.

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Year 1929

Reference number F6611

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Promotional

Duration 0:21:40

Production company New Zealand Government Publicity Office

Credits Camera: Cyril James Morton
Camera: Eric Bierre
Titles: Mr Winter