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'Auckland by the wide Hauraki Gulf, is one of the most beautiful and populous centres of the South Pacific'.
'Flying high o'er the spreading city'.
Wide shot of plane (Gipsy Moth) flying over city.
View of city below from plane through wings. View of harbour below.
Mid shot of plane with two people (identification no. NZAW) mid air taken from other plane.
'The port of Auckland - where ocean liners rest'.
Panorama from plane of wharves below.
'The extinct volcanic isle of Rangitoto'.
Plane flying over harbour, Rangitoto in background.
Mid shot from one plane of the other.
'The ever-changing sky-line of the business area'.
Streets and buildings. University clock tower on skyline; looking up ? street.
'Queen Street - chief highway of the busy city'.
View from northern end of Queen Street. Same shot speeded up, trams and traffic.
Closer shot of trams and intersection.
'Albert Park - a restful oasis in the city's midst'.
Pedestrian on path in park.
'Graceful spires of the University'.
University clock tower in background, statue in foreground. Fountain close up.
'A commanding landmark - the Supreme Court'.
Supreme Court.
'The Ferry Buildings - a link in Auckland's transport'.
Shot of Ferry Buildings from across street, cars in front. Shot of ferry buildings from wharf.
Ferries (double-ended steam ferries) arriving/leaving wharf. Ferry buildings in background. Shot from sea.
'A speedy service'.
Speeded-up shot from sea of ferries docking/departing.
'The War Memorial Museum'.
Shot of Museum from surrounding garden.
Distance shot of side of Museum. Car passes in front.
'A quiet retreat in the shady Domain'.
Tea house and lane. Winter gardens.
'The silver globe of reflections, in the gardens of Ellerslie'.
Wide shot of three women round silver ball. Close up of statue and silver ball. Extreme close up of ball with cameraman reflected.
'New Zealand Government Publicity' Animated Kiwi : 'Kia Ora'.

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Year 1929

Reference number F7896

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Series Glimpses of New Zealand

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Duration 0:02:46