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Billed as “the most beautiful N.Z. picture ever”. Glorious New Zealand commenced at the ART CRAFT theatre Wellington, Friday 6 November 1925 . Mr Tano Fama “will lecture interestingly during the screening. Music by James Haydock.”
Representing “the cream of 2 years kinematograph effort.” The Dominion recommended an early attendance. (Dominion, 6 November, 1925)

0 ft. 'Glorious New Zealand'
6ft. Censor’s Certificate.
8 ft. Government Publicity Office credits.
39 ft. “Looking at this little Nation within the Empire – and outpost, as it is, on the Rim of the World, one can hardly realize that it’s [sic] wonderful progress represents but eighty-five years of toil and enterprise –”
63 ft. “– surely a glowing tribute to those hardy pioneers who laid the foundations of our prosperity.”
76 ft. “Providence has been profusely kind to New Zealand – in no other country in the World is found such varied & wonderful scenery”
103 ft. “Snow-clad mountains rear their noble heads o’er verdant valleys.”
117 ft Mountains and farmland.
123 ft. “While sweet brooks in silver mazes creep.”
136 ft. Stream.
140 ft. “Lakes,”
151 ft. Shot of lake, taken from front of boat.
159 ft. “Fiords,”
168 ft. Tourists on a boat in Fiordland, Mitre Peak [?] in background.
172 ft. “and Rivers,”
180 ft. A river at sunset.
1 85 ft. “all help to fashion a never ending panorama of scenic gems”
194 ft. “New Zealand's Mandatory powers extend from the Tropic Zone”
204 ft. Palm trees.
206 ft. [Fijian] warriors run toward camera.
216 ft. “The tourist from overseas lands at Auckland”
224 ft. Passengers disembark.
238 ft. “Auckland - Queen City of the North”
245 ft. “Queen St. the main artery of Auckland City.”
251 ft. AMP Building at left; trams at street level; Camera on back of tram; street scene; people crossing.
288 ft. “An excellent ferry service links up the various harbour suburbs”
298 ft. Ferry in harbour. Tall ship passes it.
320 ft. Locomotive and NZR carriages.
332 ft. “North Auckland the Winterless North”
338 ft. “Grapes, lemons and oranges flourish in this semi-tropical climate”
344 ft. Woman holding bunches of grapes to her breast. Woman holding basket of apples.
368 ft. Man attending to grape vines; pan of vineyard; man pointing to apple trees.
385 ft. “Let us in imagination, for the sake of variety, take a long leap to – Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu”
401 ft. “Wakatipu - one of New Zealand's beautiful Southern Lakes, fills the bed of an ancient glacier and is fifty miles in length.”
409 ft. “A view from the slopes of Ben Lomond, 5747 ft high, discloses the settlement of Queenstown nestling among its pine groves on the shores of the lake.”
420-435 ft. severe decomposition.
420 ft. “The Steamer Earnslaw leaving Queenstown on her trip to Kingston at the foot of the lake.”
424 ft. “The Queenstown Gardens provide a charming variety of scenes, and the glimpses of the lake through the trees are a delight.”
435 ft. Lake Wakatipu.
475 ft. “The ascent of Ben Lomond, 5747 feet, is a feature of the trip to Lake Wakatipu. Climbers are here shown ascending the last 1000 ft of the peak.”
490 ft. Men climbing the mountain. (Cut from Queenstown, Lake Wakatipu).
530 ft. “On the summit. Portion of the great panorama of peaks surrounding Ben Lomond.”
538 ft. View from summit. The men bring the horse up to the summit. One carries camera equipment.
576 ft. “A proud moment. The second horse to reach the summit gazes out over the world.”
582 ft. Horse and the men.
598 ft. “A party of holiday-makers take a trip on the lake by motor-launch.”
605 ft. Men on launch. Views of shore from launch.
630 ft. “The wonder peaks of ‘The Remarkables’, the dominating feature of the landscape.”
699 ft. “The landing place at Kawarau on the shores of Wakatipu... A party leaving for Bob's Cove”
708 ft. Party boarding a launch on a jetty.
724 ft. “The beauties of the lake unfold themselves as the launch cruises onward.”
778 ft. “The landing-place in Bob's Cove”
787 ft. Jetty. Man skipping stones at lake's edge.
801 ft. “The lake from the forest”
866 ft. End

Additional footage:
0 ft. Young girl shoulder length hair parted on the left and caught in a large bow on her right side of head, dressed in rolled up sleeved dress with a sleeveless play smock over top, playing in a soap sudded chipped enamel wash basin with wash board inside it. Smiling toward camera, showing some soap suds on her mouth and nose chatting to camera person. F.O.
7 ft. Lifting her left hand out of basin she bends to smell the suds then proceeds to wipe them onto the wash board, then rubs some on her face turns and smiles toward camera.
16 ft. Side view with very soapy hands and board she repeats as above and tastes the soap she has in her mouth.
29 ft. Wringing suds onto board she then opens and displays the handkerchief she has been playing with and lays it over washboard.
54 ft. Her right hand continues to rub over handkerchief while she raises soapy left hand again to her mouth smiling and chatting throughout.
79 ft. She bends over length of washboard, arms stretched down into soapy water and looks to her right.
79 ft. “Within a few years, the magic wand of toil and determination, transforms the virgin bush to this”

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Year 1925

Reference number F7904

Source Moving Image Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Promotional

Duration 0:10:51

Production company New Zealand Government Publicity Office

Viewing locations

- 2011.5855

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Credits Producer: Arthur H Messenger Camera: Herbert Howard Moulton Bridgman Some Footage Shot: Tano Fama Under The Direction Of: The Hon Gj Anderson;