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Cheese making in Taranaki. Includes milking cows, transport to the factory (T.L. Joll Dairy Co. Ltd.), and the production of cheeses.

0" Intertitles: “Dairyland : Cheese making in Taranaki”.
50" E.L.S. of “The wide green fields of Dairyland” (more sky than land!).
1'14" Jersey cows being rounded up. M.S. early morning.
1'47" “The gathering of the milk clan”. W.S. of men with their drays outside the 'T.L. Joll Dairy Co. Ltd' (Kapuni Branch, 1926 ) unloading milk cans.
2'10" Inside the factory - worker receiving the milk .
2'17" C.U. Can being emptied into the weighing tank.
2'24" C.U. Weighing dial spinning.
2'27" C.U. The milk samples on the factory wall.
2' 45" The separating process of milk and cream. M.S. of machinery and C.U's of various taps and spouts.
3'12" The cooling process. W.S. of milk cascading down cooling racks.
3'36" The curdling of the milk with rennet. M.S. of worker pouring it into large vat of milk. Worker takes the temperature of the curds.
3'59" Curds and whey are separated by the dairy worker. M.S. and the whey is drained off.
4'56" M.S. Worker turns the blocks of curds to facilitate the draining process.
5'52" M.S. The curd is sliced and minced. M. C.U. of worker feeding curds into mincer. Pan down machine to minced curd underneath.
6'03" M.S. Two workers hand-stirring the curds.
6'09" M.S. Salt being thrown over curds in vat, two workers mix it in with forks.
6'42" C.U.- M.S. Workers preparing and filling moulds for cheese.
7'27" M.S. Worker date stamping cheese.
7'37" M.S. Worker loading, and taking cheese to the coolstore.
8'06" In the coolstore. M.S. of worker making cheese crates and loading them onto a truck.
8'57" Truck moves off.
9'07" MGM Badge.
9'08 " M.S. Man stepping over balcony.
9'10" End.

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Year 1929

Reference number F8055

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Short

Duration 0:13:00

Production company New Zealand Government Publicity Office

Credits Camera: Edwin Coubray
Distribution: MGM