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The production of wine at Mt Lebanon Vineyards, Henderson, Auckland.

Intertitles: “Situated in the township of Henderson, Auckland, the Mt Lebanon Vineyards, owned by Mr A Corban, produce wines of a very high quality”.
Men and women cultivate vines. Horse drawn dray between rows of grape vines. Shot from vehicle along end of rows of vines. Spraying vines. Children with adults picking grapes. C.U. bunches of grapes. C.U. picking grapes. Man with gun and birds. Grapes displayed. 3 small children eating grapes. Man eating grapes. Children with baskets picking grapes. Into the shed, where vats full of grapes are being stirred.
“Natural fermentation is continued for a considerable time in these 8,000 gallon vats”. C.U. of wine in vat.
“The wine is racked from the fermenting vats to maturing casks by specially designed wine pumps”. “Portion of one of the maturing cellars”. Shots of casks.
“In these casks the various wines mature from 4 to 18 years, being ‘racked’ periodically into clean casks to aid the maturing process”. Sherry casks, view of length of cellar. C.U. label Corbans Wines.
“Every bottle, new or used is steam sterilised as well as thoroughly cleansed and rinsed in this washing machine before filling”. Bottles cleaned, corked, labelled, packed.
“Every case is wired and sealed to ensure safety during transit”. Close up Corbans box of wine being unpacked. Couple drinking wine.

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Year 1930

Reference number F9155

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre In-house

Duration 0:15:00