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“Chill Factor is formula action/thriller fare with numerous chases interspersed with big chunks of banal explanatory dialogue. Characterisation is minimal and there is no subtext beyond the set-up that the Japanese, defeated fairly in the World War II, still have world domination on their minds. Sam’s ‘persuasion’ scenes are nasty - he enjoys pulling out fingernails and sticking sharp things in his potential informants - and there is a large body count. Where the film does veer is in its egalitarian clean sweep. By the end credits none of the main characters, goodies or baddies, are still breathing.
Seventy per cent of the film was shot in New Zealand and the shoot provided work for local crew and actors. It was released in 16 countries, not including New Zealand, and has shown on cable television in the U.S. The film was the subject of litigation between the US and NZ producers” - Helen Martin & Sam Edwards; ‘New Zealand Film:1912-1996’, Auckland, 1997, p.141

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Year 1989

Reference number F20673

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Genre Feature

Duration 1:33:17

Production company Deco Film and Television Productions, Chilco Productions

Location information

Credits Cast: Laura McKenzie
Cast: Clifford White
Cast: Patrick MacNee
Cast: Carrie Snodgress
Cast: Patrick Wayne
Cast: Harvey Shain
Cast: Andrew Prine
Cast: Frank Whitten
Director: David L Stanton
Producer: David L Stanton
Co-Producer: Dale G Bradley
Executive Producer: Grant Bradley
Writer: Rex Piano
Writer: Dan Goldman
Director of Photography: Michael Delahoussaye
Production Manager: Karen Thomson