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Scenes of Romanian AIDS Babies who were abandoned and left to die by their parents. It is thought that Africa now has over 10 million AIDS babies who contracted the AIDS virus while in the womb or through their infected mothers.
Wayne Lindberg of the NZ AIDS Foundation and others are interviewed about the virus and how it has affected their lives.
The New Zealand situation is compared with New York, Sydney and Edinburgh. AIDS is the highest killer of women in New York between the ages of 25 - 40 years. In Edinburgh people infected with AIDS rose from 2% - 50% in 18 months. In Romania sailors are still forced to give blood, yet are not tested for AIDS and there are inadequate screenings for the blood that is then used.
Dr Elizabeth Kubler Ross speaks of the hostility and death threats that arose from her wishing to use her farm as a foster home for Aids babies. Michael McGifford, a New Zealand opera singer living in New York performed a special concert with other New Zealand singers to raise awareness and money for AIDS sufferers.
A variety of people who have fostered Aids babies are interviewed, including a New York gay couple Dante and Frank whose families have rejected them. AIDS babies.

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Year 1990

Reference number F21288

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Duration 0:46:14

Production company Top Shelf Productions

Location information

Credits Writer: Monique Oomen
Director: Monique Oomen
Producer: Vincent Burke
Executive Producer: Geoff Steven
Camera: Donald Duncan
Production Manager: Glenis Giles
Sound: Brian Shennnan
Post Production: Vid-Com
Music: Wayne Laird
Music: Billy Kristian
Sound Mix: Roland Morris
Graphics: Steve Ellis
Editor: John Gilbert
Funding: NZ On Air