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Cinema advertisements - Dewars Scotch Whisky, K.K. Shoe Store, Trains, Adams Bruce, Twelves Cigarettes, Lion Ale & Stout, H.G.R. Braden Tyres

'The best advertisement will never be written because the Motion Picture exceeds the limitations of any pen'.
'They said there was nothing new under the sun'.
Mr Advertiser' - background of advertisements.
Dewars Scotch Whisky. C.U. man drinking.
K's dancing. 'Always something new at a K.K. Shoe Store'. Woman trying on shoes in background. C.U. shoe.
Train comes into station 'Use your trains' 'Safety, comfort, economy' 'Fares are cheaper by rail'.
Cartoon like figure with 'Our baker' written on him. 'Lowest price in cake history Adams Bruce Family Fruit Cake 7d lb all shops'.
'Twelves Cigarettes' - animated cigarettes from Roman numerals XII 'Twelve of the best' for 8d.
3 men in a pub. 'Lion Ale & Stout' 'None surer, none better'.
Car pulls up outside tyre shop 'H.G.R. Braden tyre merchants'. 'No tyre retreaded unless worthwhile'. 'Before', 'after' on piles of tyres outside shop. 'Yours economically when retyring'. 'H.G.R. Braden Khyber Pass Phone 40386'.

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Year 1935

Reference number F5269

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Advertisement

Duration 0:02:20