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Four “Pack O’ Fun” newsreels, from Fun Film of New York, compiled for home projection.

00:00. Title: “Pack O’ Fun Presents FADS and FASHION OF 1900”
A train pulls into a station. Well-dressed men and women disembark and move along a busy platform.
Scenes of ladies promenading in formal clothing.
A lady in her parlour inspects a new hat.
Women at the seaside, emerge from the changing sheds in bathing tunics and pantaloons. They frolic in the water and pose for the camera.
Title: “The End. Produced by Fun Film.”

03:50. “Pack O’ Fun Presents WALTZ ME ROUND AGAIN”
Two women perform an exercise routine with large, cross-like structures balanced on their legs.
A woman performs a skirt, or serpentine, dance.
Ladies and gentlemen promenade in [Central] Park.
Title: “The End. Produced by Fun Film.”

06:30. “Pack O’ Fun Presents NOT ON YOUR TIN TYPE”
Title: “Science and Invention”
Title: “Fort Eire, New York. Early fliers thrilled by altitude”
Shots of a biplane flying over New York.
Title: “Sports”
Title: “New York City. Annette Kellerman, Queen of the Bathing Beauties”
Annette Kellerman and other women in [the new] one-piece bathing suits on the side of a swimming pool about to dive in.
Hand-drawn title: “Ladies Will Please Remove Their Hats”.
08:00 Title: “Stage and Screen”
Hand-drawn title: “Theda Bara The First Glamour Girl”
Shots of Theda Bara and her maid admiring a garment.
Hand-drawn intertitle: “The Vamp at Work ...”
Theda Bara and a male actor in evening dress. The director seats himself in front of them and beside the cameraman setting up a hand-cranked camera on a tripod. Scene concluded and now alone, Bara approaches the (actual) camera, moving into close-up.
Title: “The End. Produced by Fun Film.”

09:50. Title: “Pack O’ Fun Presents PARADE OF THE PAST”
Title: “New York, N.Y.: Backstage with Lillian Russell”
US actress and singer Lillian Russell models a garment before the camera.
Hand-drawn title: “London, England. The Coronation of King Edward VII, in 1902 ... ”
Views of the Coronation parade. The King’s Carriage, military men and horses.
Hand-drawn title: “New York, N.Y. Easter Parade on the Avenue.”
Views of well-dressed men and women on a city street.
12:59. Hand-drawn title: “Lovelorn. Will the beautiful lady in the 10th row please stop at the Box Office? Gentleman requests interview - Thank you!”

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Year 1905

Reference number F13834

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Genre Newsreel

Duration 0:13:02

Production company Fun Film

Credits Cast: Annette Kellerman
Cast: Theda Bara
Cast: Lillian Russell