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Lew Pryme, 1960s pop star, promoter and more recently executive director of Auckland Rugby Union, died of AIDS in April 23, 1990. Midge Marsden, Tina Cross, Grahame Thorn, Mark Williams and Grant Fox remember him.

This documentary examines Lew’s decision not to tell his colleagues and family that he is gay or that he has AIDS, partly for fear that it will threaten his career. In 1989, Lew and his partner of 12 years, Jeff, have both been diagnosed with full blown AIDS. Together they cope with the disease and plan for their remaining days. They are filmed at home and receiving treatment in hospital. Dr Elliss-Pegler comments.

Includes extracts from Pacific Films’ Don’t let it Get You and NZBC’s C’Mon.. Also stills and images from the 1960s and 1970s including Mark Williams, Derek Metzger and Tina Cross.

Sally Metzger discusses Lew telling her that he and Jeff had the disease.

Lew is filmed at work in his office and watching Auckland winning the Ranfurly Shield at Eden Park. Cheerleaders, his initiative, practice for the game.

In January 1990, Lew is nearly blind in one eye. On Auckland Anniversary Day, a yachting trip ends with Lew in hospital. At the start of the 1990 rugby season, Lew knows he is too sick to work and must resign. He goes on radio announcing his poor health, but still does not admit that he has AIDS.

Jeff’s mother, Pat Fowler, is interviewed at home in Northland.

Lew and particularly Jeff’s health deteriorates quickly and as requested the couple spend their last days at home. Jeff dies on Easter Monday, April 16, aged 32, Lew a week later aged 51.

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Year 1990

Reference number F34485

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image

Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 0:47:32

Production company Vidcom

Viewing locations Digital file available to view at medialibrary, Wellington

Credits Writer: Amanda Millar
Director: Amanda Millar
Producer: Amanda Millar
Writer: Max Adams
Director: Max Adams
Producer: Max Adams
Executive Producer: Geoff Steven
Camera: Chris White
Camera: Darryn Smith
Camera: Mike Monten
Camera: John Ramsay
Sound: David Madigan
Sound: David Tingey
Sound: Dick Reade
Online: David Smith
Sound Mix: Roland Morris
Graphics: Steve Ellis
Editor: Peter Metcalf
Production Manager: Carole Nicholson

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