ONE NETWORK NEWS. 14/04/1999

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Kosovo war report; wider Balkan war feared in Yugoslav Incursions, between Serbia, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia; 21 days of NATO air strikes;
NATO to add 700 more war planes making total 1000 to their bombing campaign;
reports of brutality from Kosovo women refugees ;
NIWA issue drought warning for East Coast of NZ in the coming winter and summer;
Middlemore Hospital performs a rare operation on a young girl with Grusons disease, Diane was born with no cheek bones.

Issues over the lowering of the legal drinking age to 18; fears of more road accidents; family violence; and breach of international law;
Train crossing accident in West Auckland killed a courier driver;
Kuala Lumpur, former deputy leader Anwar Ibrahim is found guilty of corruption;
America’s euthanasia activist Dr. Jack Kervorkian convicted of murder and sentenced to 10-25 years prison.

Trial of new drug for breathless smokers in NZ;
call to ban HIV / Aids refugees and immigrants;
paid parental leave benefit hearing at business round table;
sewerage failure scare as year 2000 compliance bug threatens to stop water supplies on new year’s day;
Otago farmers consider options over drought warnings.
Aaron McIntosh, world Boardsailing Champion heads to Europe for training;
photo drivers licensing to start this weekend;

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Year 1999

Reference number F40637

Collection Film and Video Collection

Media type Moving Image


Place of Production NEW ZEALAND/AOTEAROA

Genre Television

Duration 1:00:00


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Credits Presenter: Richard Long
Presenter: Judy Bailey
Sports Presenter: April Ieremia
Weather Presenter: Jim Hickey