ONE NEWS. 12/05/2000

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News sport and weather.
Presented by Simon Dallow and Judy Bailey, sport with April Ieremia and weather with Jim Hickey;

Racism Poll - 4 out of 10 New Zealanders think that racism exists in our police force. The result of a Colmar Brunton Poll.
Police Racism: “Do you believe that racism exists in the NZ Police?”
comments: Rob Robinson, Acting Police Commissioner: Greg O’Connor, Police Association: Dr. Rajen Prasad, Race Relations Conciliator: Dr. Pita Sharples, Ngāti Kahungunu.
Public opinion is against a Business News Paper that printed the name of the officer who shot Stephen Wallace in Waitara. Sparking protest action against the paper. Deborah Hill, NBR News Editor: Paul Cutler, TVNZ Managing Editor.
Political Mark Sainsbury reporting live form parliament.
John Tamihere, Labour MP states he feels vindicated by the serious fraud office decision to close it’s file on the Waipareira Trust. Phone Statement Richard Prebble, ACT Leader.
Samoa - Death sentences passed down on two cabinet ministers for their part in the assassination of a colleague, have been commuted to life imprisonment.
Fire Rampage - The controlled burn off that has become a home destroyer, forcing an entire town Los Alamos in New Mexico to flee.
Relay Reject - There is no space in the torch relay team for some of our great Olympic hero’s. Rod Dixon, 1976 Bronze Medallist & Dick Quax, 1972 Silver Medallist both feel snubbed by the Olympic Committee. Phone Discussion Mike Hooper, CEO of NZ Olympic Committee.

Unravelling claims of insider trading at the Airways Control NZ Corporation item. History and parliamentary privilege claim. comments: Mark Burton, SOE Minister: Leslie Brown, Aviation Law Expert.
UN Security General say’s “more troops may be needed to keep the peace in Sierria Leone”. CNN report.
American Civil Rights Leader Jessie Jackson is heading to Sierra Leone to work with regional leaders on the crisis.
5 big drug companies involved in the fight against AIDS in the worlds poor countries, cutting the price of HIV drugs, to make them more affordable. BBC report.
India has welcomed it’s 1 Billionth citizen, joining the billion club with China.

A Rotorua man has pleaded guilty to the careless use of a firearm, causing the death of a man Mr Beau Fathers in a hunting accident. comment: Simon Fathers, Beau’s Cousin: Ernie & Kerry Fathers, Beau’s Parents.
Controversial Under 25 Car Sticker Scheme is legal. Advice was sought after complaints to the Human Rights Commission on discrimination of under 25-year-olds.
Software used in the design of the America’s Cup boats has helped put a Blenheim engineering firm on the NZ wine making map. comments: Gerry Gregg, Montana Wines: Wayne Taylor, Engineer.
Sharemarket/Financial Update.
Australia’s Fashion Week: TigerLilly Swim wear range.

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Credits Studio Presenter: Simon Dallow
Studio Presenter: Judy Bailey
Sports Presenter: April Ieremia
Weather Presenter: Jim Hickey