Sci-Fi July

It's New Zealand film and television, but not as you know it. Take a break from wintery Wellington with these other-worldly oddities screening throughout July in our Taranaki Street cinema. Re-live those 'behind the couch' scares from childhood with two classic TV series, Children of the Dog Star and Under the Mountain. Check out the selection below, book on Eventfinda or see everything coming up on our main events page.

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Children of the Dog Star

Jul 04 - Jul 20

The cult six-episode television programme for children, produced in New Zealand in 1984. Strange things start to happen when twelve-year-old Gretchen comes to stay on her uncle's farm for the holidays..

Episode One & Two

Episode Two & Three

Episode Four & Five


Jul 04 - Jul 13

A post-apocalyptic drama which tells the story of Freya, a woman trapped in a dying world. Freya's family salvages what little remains in the land where they live, imprisoned by an immense electric fence shutting them off from the world beyond.

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Event 16

Jul 05 - Jul 18

Wellington’s first independent, digital-effects heavy sci-fi feature film. When a man walks into his workshop through a wall, a young inventor finds himself in a race, not only against, but through time.

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Jul 06 - Jul 14

A rom-com with a time-travel twist. When emotionally isolated barista Dan starts receiving strange messages on the inside of his bedroom window, he is forced to become involved with the lives of the people around him.

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This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy

Jul 07 - Jul 21

Imagine a universe where everything was just like the good-old days of sci-fi, where spaceships are models, monsters are made of latex and laser guns are curling irons painted silver.

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Under the Mountain

Jul 11 - Jul 14

The original television drama series based on the novel Under the Mountain by Maurice Gee. Screening over four nights, with two episodes a night. 

Episodes One & Two

Episodes Three & Four

Episodes Five & Six

Episodes Seven & Eight


Jul 11 - Jul 20

A police detective, taking part in a computer simulation, must solve a seemingly impossible murder mystery to save his own life. This award-winningsci-fi thriller was filmed in Wellington, the Kāpiti Coast, the Hawkes Bay and in Hong Kong.

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Night of the Red Hunter

July 19

The 1980s sci-fi mystery thriller about the Piper family, who have a secret. Originally produced as a four-part television series, we will be screening the tele-feature version which includes all episodes as a single programme.

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