Mira speaks about suffrage

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Mira championed Māori and the cause of women. She became aware of the oppression of women and Māori when she began working in government and having observed "job discrimination" within government departments first hand. She clearly felt the injustice that resulted from some iwi preventing women from speaking on the marae ātea despite having a command and eloquence in te reo "as good as, if not better than that of some men I’ve listened to."

Listen as Dame Mira discusses her perspective on suffrage.

Image: Framegrab from Waka Huia, Miraka Szaszy, TVNZ, 1992

Catalogue Reference 42492

Year 1993


Interviewer: Hemana Waaka
Interviewee: Miraka Szaszy
Excerpt: 00:01:57

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