Shell Oil – Note the Difference

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This promotional film for Shell Oil suggests this is the ideal fuel for tractors, cars, lorries and motorbikes. It is made up of a range of rural and urban scenes, showing a tractor driving directly through a deep dam, a lorry towing a broken-down car up a muddy hill, motorbikers racing on a racetrack – even a young girl can drive a car fuelled by Shell!

An unusual technique of rotating the camera, causing the image to at first appear upside-down and then right itself, is used as innovative means of transitioning between scenes.

Towards the end of the film, the live action footage segues into a humorous animation of a man trying to start his car on a frosty morning.

"'Cross' Kerosene will pull you out of any 'hole.'"

Catalogue Reference F39870

Year 1929


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