Air New Zealand – Making Of

This still image, which takes us behind the scenes on the making of an Air New Zealand television advert produced by Peach Wemyss Astor, shows the efforts filmmakers go to to get the right shot. Kelvin Peach lies horizontal on a dolly, filming a low angle shot, while the dolly is pulled by another member of the Peach Wemyss Astor crew.

The advertisement being made seems to be similar in style to this 1964 National Airways Corporation (NAC) ad. Air New Zealand served international routes, while NAC served domestic routes, until 1978 when the government merged the two into a single national airline.

Catalogue Reference S15729

Year 1960s


Production Company: Peach Wemyss Astor
Source: Documentation Collection, Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision
Courtesy of: Kelvin Peach

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