Frosty Jack Ice Cream

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This jingle for Frosty Jack ice cream was recorded by Christchurch studio Robbins Recordings.

The young female vocalist imitates the style of child movie star Shirley Temple, and sings to the tune of her famous 1934 hit "The Good Ship Lollipop."

Frosty Jack ice cream was started in 1924 by a Wellington manufacturer, who also had the New Zealand licence for Eskimo Pie chocolate-covered ice cream bars. The company was sold to a Christchurch manufacturer in 1964 – which is probably when this commercial was produced, to introduce the brand to the South Island market.

Image: Evening Post, 19 February 1931 (courtesy of Papers Past).

Catalogue Reference 139178

Year 1964


Advertiser: Fropax (N.Z.) Ltd.
Studio: Robbins Recordings, Christchurch

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