Cutex – Bare Essentials Nail Polish

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Cutex Bare Essentials nail polish was an advertiser on pirate station Radio Hauraki's first-ever breakfast show, broadcast from the ship "MV Tiri," in Hauraki Gulf on 5 December 1966. (This recording was made off-air and contains some static interference.)

As a cosmetic brand aimed at young women, the new, rebel "station for young New Zealanders" was a perfect fit for the advertiser.

Announcer Paddy O'Donnell, who went on to have a long career in radio, voices the ad over a swinging 60s music bed: "For girls who like to look fresh and feminine... daring new colours... baring and daring, yet warm and womanly."

Image: Australian Women's Weekly, 12 January 1966 (courtesy of Trove).

Catalogue Reference 23893

Year 1966


Advertiser: Industrial Chemicals Ltd
Broadcaster: Radio Hauraki
Announcer: Paddy O'Donnell

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