Jockey Underwear – Well-dressed Man

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This was the first television advertisement made by production studio Pacific Films (made in 1960 for the arrival of commercial TV in New Zealand in 1961) and it was banned!

As a business man (Peter Harcourt) enters a building, a voiceover asks "ever wondered what the well-dressed man wears next to his skin?" In the original version, lights dim and the silhouette shows a man well dressed in his Jockey underwear. The advertisement was deemed inappropriate because of the scenes showing Peter Harcourt in his underwear. It was re-edited before broadcast – the replacement ad simply showed the jockeys.

"You'll always feel completely at ease in white jockeys – the world's biggest selling underwear."

Catalogue Reference C1869

Year 1960


Production Company: Pacific Films
Client: Lane Walker Rudkin
Cast: Peter Harcourt

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