Lux Toilet Soap

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Lux Toilet Soap has had a long association with Hollywood glamour and using well-known actresses and film stars to promote itself. This print ad from 1937 uses the same selling proposition as the radio advertisement which accompanies it – from nearly 30 years later

The print ad features actress Joan Bennett while the radio commercial uses the voice of 1960s television and film star Elizabeth Allen – and warns women to keep themselves as lovely as her by using Lux, "the beauty soap of 9 out of 10 film stars."

Image: Lever Brothers (N.Z.) Limited: "I do like Jack but I don't seem to attract him!" Lux toilet soap. [1937]. Ref: Eph-B-KNIT-1937-01-back. Alexander Turnbull Library

Catalogue Reference 39895

Year 1960s


Advertiser: Lever Brothers (N.Z.) Ltd

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